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Xbox 360 Surge Protector

This xbox 360 surge protector is perfect for your computer or phone. It comes with a original power supply and a surge protector.

Xbox 360 Surge Protector Amazon

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Xbox 360 Surge Protector Walmart

This xbox 360 surge protector is made of original power supply and has a opticaldding protection. If you ever lose your xbox 360 power supply, then you need to buy a surge protector right away! This one is a perfect choice for those who want to keep their 360 power supply safe. It features a robust design with a long life guarantee. Plus, it comes with a au plug for easy use. The female au plug can be plugged into an outlet or turned on your tv so you can have power when you need it. This surge protector also has a minutes warranty. It will protect your gaming device from a power outage.