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Surge Protector Wall Mount

Our surge protector wall mountable to your wall with an extra 3 usb outlets and a flat plug extension cord. This supplies power to your computer, phone and tv with an add-on power strip.

Wall Mounted Surge Protector

If you're looking for a wall mounted surge protector that can handle your power needs, look no further than the wall mount surge protector. This surge protector is made with a variety of protection types in mind, so you can find one that fits your needs. the wall mount surge protector is topped off with a five-year warranty, so you can be sure that it will last for years of use.

Mounted Surge Protector

This wall mountable surge protector is perfect for keeping your home or office safe from power surges and fires. With five usb ports and a power strip that flips in order to get all the power it needs, this surge protector can handle even the most intense surges and fires. Plus, the tall, slender design make it perfect for having just about any situation where you need to be safe and protected. this surge protector is for use with wallmount chargers and is meant to protect other items in your home from a surge protectors life long. It has a 6 outlet extension so that you can ammount up to 1200 joules of power before it goes out. The surge protector also has a listed price of $10. this wall mountable usb surge protector with 2 usb ports and 2 outlet plugs is perfect for monitoring your computer's power. It includes a power strip that can be placed on the wall, making it easy to monitor. The surge protector also includes 2-year warranty. the surge protector is perfect for your home or office. It has six outlet power strip station with 2 usb wall mount charger. Make your life easier and protect your money with this asr 6 outlet power strip station.